X to the z

Alvin Nathaniel Joiner, known professionally as Xzibit, is a versatile talent from the United States, acclaimed as a rapper, actor, television host, and radio figure. His journey in the music industry kicked off in 1992, leading to a pivotal signing with Loud Records, a subsidiary of RCA Records, for his debut album “At the Speed of Life” in 1996. This initial offering was well-received by critics, made a modest entrance into the Billboard 200 chart, and featured the hit single “Paparazzi,” which climbed to number 83 on the Billboard Hot 100. His follow-up, “40 Dayz & 40 Nightz” in 1998, enjoyed similar critical acclaim and featured the notable single “What U See Is What U Get.”

Xzibit’s rising profile attracted the attention of renowned West Coast rapper Dr. Dre, who took on the executive production role for Xzibit’s subsequent albums. The third album, “Restless” in 2000, marked a turn towards a more commercial sound, peaking at number 12 on the Billboard 200. After leaving Loud Records, Xzibit teamed up with Columbia Records for his fourth album, “Man vs. Machine” in 2003, which soared to number three on the chart. These albums also saw collaboration with Xzibit’s own Open Bar Entertainment. His subsequent works, “Weapons of Mass Destruction” in 2004 and “Full Circle” in 2006, were followed by a brief pause in his public career, returning with his seventh studio album, “Napalm,” in 2012. Since 2013, Xzibit has been performing with the hip-hop supergroup Serial Killers.

Beyond his musical achievements, Xzibit has made a name for himself in acting and television presenting. He is perhaps best known for hosting the hit reality TV show “Pimp My Ride” in the 2000s. As an actor, he portrayed Shyne Johnson in the TV series “Empire” and has appeared in movies such as “Gridiron Gang” (2006), “The X-Files: I Want to Believe” (2008), “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans” (2009), and “Sun Dogs” (2017).